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    Best arrangement of 8 disks in a RAID array

    George_B Hot Shot

      I have just ordered an HP DL380 G5 and it is equipped with the P400 RAID controller with the 512MB cache and battery backup.


      Attached to that will be 8 x 146GB 10k SAS HDD and I am trying to work out what would be the most suitable approach to configuring the disks. I have briefly read the benefits of having one large VMFS partition and of having a small VMFS partition.


      The options that I have come up with so far are:


      7 disks in a RAID 5 array with 1 hot spare giving a total of 876GB storage

      2 RAID 5 arrays of 4 disks with no hot spare giving 876GB of storage

      1 RAID 5 array of 3 disks and one RAID 5 array of 4 disks with one hot spare giving 730GB of storage


      Now as far as I am aware the controller supports RAID levels 0,1,01,5,50 and 6


      Does any one have any other ideas for configurations or comments on what I should be considering?

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