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    VCB server also main backup server?

    taylorb Expert

      I am adding a new ultrium tape library to my SAN.  I will be using VCB and hoping to eliminate the need for an additional backup server by installing the backup server software (TSM or Data protector) directly onto the VCB server.  Is this a reasonable configuration or should I use 2 separate physical servers?  This server would mainly just back up all the VMs (40-60 VMs / 2-3TB) with maybe up to 10 physical servers as well, so load should not be too much of an issue.  Thanks for any advice.

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          acr Virtuoso

          Have a couple of customers who have centralized there backup strategy in this way..

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            EnsignA Hot Shot

            The biggest problem you might have is within the limitation of the VCB proxy itself.  The current release can only mount 60 disks at a time, which is one reason you might need more than one proxy.  The best way around that is to use esxRangerPro with the VCB option, which is what I am using now.  It mounts and dismounts VM's as it backs them up.  Works very well and FAST compared to backing them up through the SC.

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              CSummers Novice

              I've been working on adding VCB to our primary backup server. The issue I'm having is that by not having PowerPath installed it is making our SAN snapshots overly complicated. For this reason I'm moving back to a seperate proxy server.


              We wouldn't have this issue if we just used 1 path to the SAN on our backup server but we have the VCB proxy hardware already and would rather have our backup server multipathed.

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