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      Maybe I am a little thick, but I still can not quite get this.


      I understand the delete snapshot - commits the changes in the delta file and the snapshot files go away.  If I am wrong please correct me.


      What is the difference between go to snapshot and revert to snapshot?


      Thanks in advance

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          No difference in function, they're the same feature used in a different menu context. The only difference is I think that revert just automatically selects the most recent snapshot, where as with goto and the snapshot manager you get to choose which snapsot to revert to.


          Your understanding of delete/commit is correct too.

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            Thanks for that.


            Then for more points - in either case, when I revert.  I can then delete the snapshot and the changes will not be committed.

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              So to discard a snapshot, revert to a point before the snapshot was taken, then click the snapshot and click delete.

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