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    Cores versus sockets, what's the performance hit?

    ejward Master

      Is there a white paper out there that would show the performance hit of going from a 4-CPU 4-socket server to a 4-CPU 2-socket server?  All things being equal like CPU speed cache, etc.


      I'm having a tough time selling multi-core technology.  Everybody wants 4-CPU's in 4-sockets.  Guess what?  They run on 220volts and we're out of 200volts.  I can't imagine that the performance hit is THAT much. 


      If I went from a single processor box to a dual processor box, I wouldn't expect everything to run 100% faster.  For the same token, I woudn't think that taking squeezing 4 CPU's into 2 sockets would give a 100% performance hit.


      Maybe there are some areas (CPU intensive applications?) that would actually benifit from having multiple cores on the same chip.  I just don't know.