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    Xerox app

    larstr Virtuoso

      We're looking to installing the package Xerox Freeflow Process Manager and during our conversation with Xerox we've been told that they don't support this software running in a VM. They even state:[i]"the installer will prevent this from being possible".[/i]


      Wow! They even take measures to make sure we don't install their software inside a VM!


      Have anyone tried installing/running this software in a VMware environment?


      I have some ideas about installing it on a physical box and then p2v it using converter, but I suspect that they are using a license bound to the MAC address of the nic.


      Also, I would prefer if Xerox would support such a solution as I don't really feel to well running critical apps in an unsupported way.


      Was there a way to make VMware approach Xerox showing them the wonderful world of virtualization?



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          AMcCreath Master

          Let me get this straight.... they are claiming that Microsofts very own MSInstaller will prevent the install in a vm.


          Since when did MSInstaller process give a flying hoopla about anything under the abstraction layer!!




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            larstr Virtuoso

            As an update we've now had this service in production for a couple of weeks and the performance is great.


            Even the Xerox technicians were impressed by the performance under ESX 3 and they were going to report this back to Xerox. Hopefully this could get them to eventually change their official opinion about running this service under VMware.