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    Can't use .iso from read-only NFS file system

    Jae Ellers Master

      Tell me this is fixed in 3.0.1 or some patch.


      We setup replication among our NetApps to distribute isos around to our regional sites.  Since the NFS share is read-only I checked the box to make the file system read-only.


      I'm putting the vm on a local datastore on a blade (base esx 3.0.0).  When I browse to the NFS share I get the oh, so useful message "The datastore is read-only" and the browser window doesn't browse into the datastore.




      So, even though the file system is read-only, I then recreate the NFS mount and don't check the read-only box.  Now the browser enters the datastore and I am building a test system off of the dvd.iso.


      Not the sharpest hammer in the box.  Anyone run into this before?  Seems like a logical bug to me.  If the datastore is read-only I should be able to read from there in the browser for my .iso, eh?