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    How to move a VM from one ESX to another?

    firefighter99 Lurker


      I'm new with ESX Server (Starter Edition) and don't know how to add a VM in our ESX Server.

      We got a virtual machine from one of our customers (ESX) and I would like to import it into our ESX Server. However, I don't see an option to import via the Virtual Infrastructure Client. That's why I uploaded the whole directory from the VM via WINSCP into the home dir, change the owner to root and copied the directory into our storage vmfs where the other VMs are being stored.

      Unfortunatly I didn't see this new VM in the Inventary. Does this VM needs to be registered somehow, or how can this import be done?


      PS: Using the free VM Converter didn't work either. I assume it can only handle VMServer images and not ESX images.