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    Queation on Scripted Installs Using Kickstart

    DFATAnt Hot Shot

      I am trying to work out a process to do a scripted install using kickstart where I load everything in to a RAM disk.


      I have a process where I can format a dos partition  on the intended ESX server, copy all the image files, kickstart files and cdrom files to this partition and the reboot of server use autoexec.bat to initiate a loadlin process.


      I an trying to work out the parameters required for loadlin to load a RAM disk, load all the files from the DOS partition in to the RAM disk and do the ESX server install.


      I am currently using an ftp server to provide the ks.cfg file and the cdrom files, which is working great, but I would like to remove the dependency of the ftp server from the process.


      The line in the autoexec.bat file that initiates loadlin looks as follows:


      C:\dosutils\loadlin C:\isolinux\vmlinuz ramdisk_size=10240 initrd=C:\isolinux\initrd.img ks=ftp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ks.cfg ksdevice=eth0


      I know I can change the "ks=" part to point to a ks.cfg file located in the initrd image (ks=file:/ks.cfg), but I have 400 hundred ESX server to build and need an individual ks.cfg file for each server.  This means that putting a ks.cfg file in the initrd image is not the answer I am after


      Has anyone else attempted this or have any suggestions on how I might go about this.