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    Optimal ESX 3 installation

    ehslibrary Lurker

      I'm trying to set up a Dell 1800 with a perc 5 SATA raid controller with ESX 3.  I've successfully installed both ESX and a guest operating system onto a raid 5 partition.  What I would like to know is if there are any recommendations for installing ESX 3 for a production environment?  Specifically I'm considering installing ESX 3 on a pair of mirrored SATA drives on a separate channel from the RAID. Then using the RAID 5 partition for the VMs.  Any advice would be appreciated.





      Isaac Ben Jeppsen

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          waynegrow Master

          You will not be able to run your VMs on the SATA drives.  SATA is not supported for VMFS3.

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            ehslibrary Lurker

            To clarify:  I have already successfully installed and run VM's on the SATA raid.  I'm assuming this is because the Perc controller is seen as a SCSI device.  My question is whether there is on optimal partitioning for the ESX server?




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              Jae Ellers Master

              You're doing the best you can with what you have.  ESX doesn't support running vms off of SATA drives as you know.  You can get by this by either using SCSI or something that looks like SCSI for the vms as you've done.  I believe it's possible, but probably not supported, to run ESX from non scsi drives.


              Otherwise, best practice would be to use separate controllers for system and vmfs, which you're doing.  Raid5 is a fair tradeoff for speed vs capacity for the vms and the Raid1 system channel should do pretty well.


              Of course, if it blows up you might not get much support on those sata drives.

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