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    VC 2 installation/upgrade

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      I'm about to update our 4 ESX servers 2.5.3 to 3.0.1 and our VC ver. 1 to ver. 2 and have just a quick question I hope someone can help me with:


      Can I upgrade VC (with a new db though) to see if everything workes fine (licenses for ver. 2.5.3 and 3.0.1 etc.) and then uninstall it again if something is wrong, and make a fresh install of the old version and reconnect to the 2.5.3 servers without problems?


      Thanks in advance,


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          ANSA Expert

          Yes you can.  Are you deleting the old database?

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            bovc Enthusiast

            Perfect thanks!


            Yeah, but I've made a backup I do this based on various recommendations from people in this forum.


            So you say I can do that (install, revert if necessary etc.) without problems. Can I also do it, without affection the ESX servers uptime? I can't afford to let them reboot or similar.




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              Your VC server installation shouldn't affect your ESX hosts uptime. 


              The only thing that I've been caught out on was having some guests set to

              auto-start.  When running a service mgmt-vmware restart on one host in order

              to overcome some VC - ESX communication issues, I inadvertently re-booted

              some of my guests.  At the moment I've set auto-start off for all my guests

              until my migration is complete.