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    Service console on NIC different from vmnic0

    aleph0 Expert

      Hi all,

      I have installed VI3 and get the SC + Virtual machines on vSwitch0 all together. Then I remove VMs from VSwitch0 and create a new vSwitch1 with vmnic1, vmnic2, vmnic3 (grouped togheter). After that I create VLAN ID for three VLAN for different VMs that will share the vmnic1, vmnic2, vmnic3  portgroup. Now I want to move Service Console from VSwitch0 to vSwith1 sharing on another VLAN ID the vmnic1, vmnic2, vmnic3  portgroup and then want to se vmnic0 for VMotion.

      Anyone can explain me how to do it? I think that doing it from Virtual center will bring me to a unreachable physical machine...

      thank you