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    Unable to Acquire for 'esxFull'

    Arkyn Novice

      Hi I have a big problem with licensing server


      I get this error when I try to change esx license type from unlicensed to standard


      I have checked the license server and it has plenty of free licenses to give out

      I have also checked the log

      \[2007-02-25 23:47:01.575 'ha-license-manager' 3076436096 error] ProcessErrorStatus: Unable to Acquire for 'esxFull' feature : Status : 2 : Message : Major errno: 0

      Minor errno: 0

      System errno: 0

      Feature name: PROD_ESX_FULL



      I get this also


      Served license cannot be uncounted ??


      Can someone give me some help?

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          Arkyn Novice

          Thanks for the reply, but nothing there helped me, it doesnt help rebooting the machine, neither turning on nfs or just restarting the service


          For some reason, its not acceptng the licenses that my license server is serving, it asks for many features but finds none.

          Wich is strange since if I do diagnose on the license server, or server status it clearly states it has many esx agents and such free..

          The error code on the license server also says something to this effect, it gives the error code -5 indicating that the feature does not exist


          I have the following licenses(from virtual center -> Licenses)


          License Feature                                  Remaining           Total

          Virtual Center Management Server         1                        3

          Vmotion                                                  14                      22

          Virtual Center Agent for ESX Server         6                       16

          VMWare HA                                             16                     16

          VMWare DRS                                           16                     16

          ESX Server Standard                               16                    16

          VMWare Consolidated Backup                 16                    16


          I have two ESX 253 server each with 4 processors, now I am trying to add a third server with 2 processors


          From the service log on the license server I can see server 3 trying to fetch

          a license for 2 processors for ESX put it goes right in again


          Here is how my license file top looks like

          SERVER this_host ANY 27000

          VENDOR VMWARELM port=27010


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            esiebert7625 Guru

            Do you have a firewall between the ESX server and the license server. They talk to each other on the below two ports.


            27000 is for license transactions from ESX Server to License Server.

            27010 is for license transactions from the license Server.

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              Arkyn Novice

              No, they are both on the same subnet

              I also checked to see if the firewall was on, on the windows 2003 server running the license server, but it was NOT on

              I also checked the esx server, and I could see that VMWare license server had firewall access out of the esx server.

              Is there a way to check this for sure..?

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                esiebert7625 Guru

                You can try netstat -an on each server to see if they have a connection to each other. Alternately you can run tcpview to monitor the connection between the two.



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                  Arkyn Novice

                  Ok, I they are both talking to eachother, but nto the right way

                  I was wondering more if it was possible to do the license check manually from the esx machine

                  I can see that its hostd that logs the license events, but with the "ha-license-manager"

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                    esiebert7625 Guru

                    You might check this troubleshooting document. It has a whole section on troubleshooting the license server.



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                      Arkyn Novice

                      It was my own fault!


                      I had mixed in some host based licenses inside the license file, and even though it showed the correct amount of licenses, its evidently so that it failed when I was asking for the licenses.

                      After removing the host based licenses from the file, I was able to fetch the license for my esx.

                      Its strange that the flex server started at all, it should fail if things are corrupt in the file IMHO!!


                      Ok, anyway, thanks for helping me out!