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    install on IDE requires "special configuration"??

    wayneoakley99 Enthusiast

      Hi all,


      i have a pair of Dell SC1425 servers that have been running esx 3.x.x on and off using some old scsi drives which are a problem to mount internally, and rather a waste of time and effort.


      Having read repeated that ESX 3.0.1 supports installation on ide (but will not host VMs because they require vmfs) i have been trying to install using the builtin ide controller.  Controller one is an HD and controller 2 is a CD.


      The install accepts the choice of IDE with the warning


      "You have selected an IDE drive that will require special configuration to fully support the ESX Server"


      However there does not seem to be any documentation as to the "special configuration" that is needed.


      the system install and boots but fails to load the Kernel with the error


      Mod 2434 Initialization of vmkernel failed  0xbad.....


      Can anyone assist with a pointer on the special configuration so i may proceed with a running system that will get its VMs from NFS and iscsi.