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    Desktops compatible with ESX

    ScottHolman Novice

      Last weekend I started to create my home test environment to test all the features of VI3, but this was brought to a screaming halt within 20 seconds of starting (I just went to the pub then). I booted my Compaq D310 desktop, containing an adaptec ultra320 scsi adatper and drives plus 2 GB RAM, on the VI3.0.1 CD, but the screen displayed a kernel panic and refused to proceed with the installation.


      Now I know that this hardware is not on the HCL and I'm not looking for a resolution to the kernel panic. I, like many others, cannot afford to purchase any of the equipment on the HCL for their home test environment.


      So, I wondered what everyone else using in their home test environment?


      I don't want to buy another desktop to find that doesn't work either!