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    Question on Network Configuration using Scripted Install

    DFATAnt Hot Shot

      I am using the Kickstart process to do a scripted install and everything is working well except the network configuration.  The installation is being done on a HP DL380 with dual onboard NICs.


      I am getting prompted during the scripted install to select a network card ( and am given the option of selecting either eth0 or eth1).


      In the Network section of the kickstart file, I have the following settings:


      network --device eth0 --bootproto static --ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -netmask xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx --gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx --nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx --hostname host.network.domain --addvmportgroup=1 --vlanid=0


      Can anyone tell me if there is something that I am missing or doing wrong.  I want to be able to start the scripted install, walk away and have everything done by the time I get back.





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