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    PicoTech PicoScope 2202 Connectivity

    gerickson Lurker

      Fortunately, someone on the engineering team has latched onto this issue and is investigating; however, in the interim, I wanted to see if anyone else in the community has encountered the same or similar issues.


      I have a PicoTech PicoScope 2202 (2-channel USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO)) that I have been attempting to get work with Windows XP Professional w/ SP2 on a Mac Pro.


      This device and associated software works brilliantly under Boot Camp 1.1.2. Under Parallels RC2 and RC3 ("the competition"), the driver and applications successfully install but the software cannot enumerate the hardware device once installed.


      Under Fusion, it doesn't get quite as far, but rather hangs during the installation process when the Windows New Hardware Wizard attempts to install the driver for the device. And when it hangs, it doesn't just hang the virtual machine and Fusion, it hangs the WHOLE Mac, requiring a hard reset to recover.


      Anyone else have experience with PicoTech USB-based products under Fusion?

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          gerickson Lurker

          FWIW, I just installed the lastest build (Beta 2 - 41385) and get similar results as with Beta 1.


          The difference this time was that while the entirety of the user interface hung, background processes continued to function. This allowed me to SSH in from another machine and execute 'sudo shutdown -r now' to recover.


          Thinking that perhaps a concurrent installation (not execution) of Parallels was perhaps the problem, I uninstalled that and then re-attempted the operation. Unfortunately, the same results.

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            Sorry to hear that this device still isn't working.


            I haven't seen anything like this in my testing. There's some chance we might be able to get a PicoScope for testing purposes, but you can help us diagnose the problem by collecting some log files.


            Make sure your VM is powered off or suspended, then open up your VM's .vmx file with a text editor like BBedit (TextEdit can corrupt the line endings) and add the following lines:


              usb.analyzer.enable = "TRUE"

              usb.logging = "ioctl"


            Now repeat your test. The interesting logs should be in "vmware.log" in your VM's directory. Send me that file- it will probably be pretty big. You can try attaching it via the forum. If that doesn't work, put it on the web somewhere or email it to micah@vmware.com. You can compress it if you like.



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              P.S. You should remove those lines from your .vmx file when you're done, or your VM will generate huge logs any time you use a USB device

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                gerickson Lurker

                Thanks to the outstanding VMware Fusion team, VMware fixed their bug, worked with PicoTech to fix their bug (bad descriptor) and now, with R5.17.1 from PicoTech, the PS2202 works on Fusion and Boot Camp alike. Kudos to VMware!