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    ESX Install config

    madliv Novice

      Help with setup,




      2 - HP BL20p's connected to a fiber SAN with 6 36gb drives, and 10 300gb drive.


      Plan: ESX Boot from SAN


      Mirror 2 36gb per ESX server (ESX01/ESX02) leave the other 2 as spares, setup zoning on fiber switch, and use Select Storage Presentation (SSP) to allow the ESX server to boot from the mirrors. Create 2 LUNS using 4/4 300gb drives, with the other 2 drives for spares, allow ESX01/ESX02 to access the 2 LUNS to control VM's.




      \- Believe I am on the right track, just need some further suggestions

      \- Will Vmotion, DRS, and HA work with this configuration?

      \- I plan to add a couple ESX servers in the future, as well as create some luns for testing VM's, is growth possible with this config?