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    How do you activate an edited license file? Restart the service OR "Reread"

    theone99 Enthusiast

      Hi There..


      I was reading the [u]Installation and Upgrade Guide for ESX 3.0.1 and VirtualCenter 2.0.1[/u][/b].  And I am a little confused by something they listed in the Guide.


      According to the guide, if you ever plan to "[b]re-locate[/b]" your license server-based license file then you need to use VMware License Server Tool:


      \-  Click on the Config Services tab

      \-  Click Browse next to Path to license file field (and choose new license)

      \-  Click the Start/Stop/Reread tab

      \-  Click Stop, then click Start

      \-  Click ReRead License File to load the new license file



      Yet, a few pages later, the guide says to [u]activate[/u][/b] an edited license file you should [u]manually restart[/u][/b] the VMware License Server Windows service[/u] by going into Administrative Tools on the server and simply "restarting" it.


      Well, doesn't clicking on the "Stop" button[/b] and then clicking on the "Start" button[/b] on the "[b]Start/Stop/ReRead[/b]" tab in the License Server Tool have the same effect as if you manually restarted the service in Administrative Tools[/u]??


      And if that is the case, that leaves me with the last question, why in the heck is there a "ReRead" button as well?? 


      So, what is the correct way to "activate" an edited license file?????