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    ISSUE adding INTEL PRO 1000 GT Quad Port

    aleph0 Expert

      Hi all,

      I've got two ESX 3.0.1 with two Broadcom Nic onboard, and those two phisycal servers are running normally. I've on board nic 1 for VMs and SC and On Borad nic 2 for VMotion.


      I'm trying to add a new quad port nic INTEL PRO 1000 GT.

      This for having 1 for vmotion, 1 Vswitch bounded on two port (On board 1 and 1 of the quad port) for SC. the other three free ports for VM (1 portgroup)


      I put it into the PCI slot and fire up my ESX: the hw reconfiguration work fine and find the additional quad port: unfortunatly the two onboard nics stop working and the Service console IP address is switched to the first port of the INTEL PRO 1000 GT.[/b]


      So I've got to remove the additional quad port nic and return to the initial configuration (that happens automatically).


      Anyone could help me with a solution or pointing me to a kb article or whitepaper for adding a nic to an existing ESX server without messing up all the configuration?







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          giovanni.galloro Hot Shot

          I would check if your vmnic# number to physical nic is changed (eg.: your service console nic was vmnic1 mapped to onboard pNIC 1 but now your onboard pNIC 1 is vmnic5 and vmnic1 is now mapped to a port on your intel quad card).


          You can check this seeing which vmnic# has the link up in sc with the command:

          esxcfg-nics -l


          And then can change the sc mapping to the new vmnic# with esxcfg-vswitch command (check -U and -L parameters)or restore the old mapping editing the esx.conf file (make always a backup copy first).