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    Grax Enthusiast

      Ok in the vi3_installation_guide.pdf is states that SATA drives are not supported.  Why is this?  Are there any plans in the future to support SATA?


      Seems stupid to support booting from IDE/ATA drives but not SATA.

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          ESX3 boots fine from SATA, it's only VMFS volumes that aren't supported on SATA (attached) storage.


          Just as an asside to this, you can use SATA disks in supported storage devices. It's the method of connection to the disk that's important, so, for example, if you're using SATA in a supported iSCSI SAN that's fine.


          (you can also use unsupported iSCSI/NFS devices that use IDE/SATA to store your VMFs volumes, you just won't get support from VMware).

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            Grax Enthusiast

            I have a Dell PowerEdge SC1425, with two 320GB SATA drives running RAID 1.  Under this configuration I can install ESX3 and run VM's stored on the local HD?


            This is my setup now with VMware Server, but Dell's DSET doesn't run under Ubuntu.  At the moment I do not have an hardware issue, but this would be a problem should one arise.



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              waynegrow Master

              You would probably not be able to run the VMs locally because VMFS3 would not be supported on the local SATA drives.  You would need an external array in this configuration.

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                Grax Enthusiast

                Ok, so the storage device for the VM's has to be formated for VMFS3.





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