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    Upgrade Question

    dromito Novice

      We have been upgrading from ESX 2.5 to VI 3 by setting up new VMFS3 luns and making clones from the 2.5 server to a 3.0 server. This has worked out well for us. However, now we have to upgrade a server that has more disk space used than what we have available for a new lun. I am thinking we will need to upgrade the VMFS2 partition to VMFS3 in place and then do a migration to a VI 3 server. Does this sound right? How about the order of the steps?


      Thanks for any input.

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          Jwoods Expert

          A good doc to look at would be url=http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vi3_upgrade_plan.pdfPlanning an Upgrade to VMware Infrastructure 3[/url], page 5 and page 10 with heading "Virtual Machine Relocation, In-place File System Upgrade."  It has some high-level steps on what needs to be done.


          Your steps would go as stated in the doc:

          1) Relocate virtual machines from host using VMotion

          2) Upgrade ESX Server host from 2.x to 3.0

          3) Upgrade SAN datastore from VMFS2 to VMFS

          4) Cold migrate virtual machines from ESX Server host to ESX Server host

          5) Upgrade virtual machines from VM2 to VM3


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