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    Can anyone answer some questions on leostream.

    epping Expert

      Hi guys


      I know some of you have played with this product, i have a couple of questions, i am running an eval at the moment.


      OK this may seem strange but i only want a one-to-one relationship between user and VM presently, I would like the user to access leostream and it automatically launch the RDP seesion, it looks to me that this option is only available if in the "Policy" it is set to "randomly assign VM" ??


      one more


      I would like to offer access over the web, we have a Juniper SSL VPN box which i see is supported, again in the policy section i can see you can select an option for "External Viewer" i.e. use the Juinper RDP client i guess. Does this offer any real advantage over just using the leostream  ActiveX viewer via the SSL VPN??


      has anyone done anything like this before that can offer any advice


      Many thanks