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    Isolating ISCSI Traffic

    Gaprofitt Enthusiast

      HI All,


      I have a question.  I will be receiving my servers, Equallogic storage array, 2 switches and licenses on Friday.  I want to keep the ISCSI traffic as isolated as possible.  I did have some questions.  Our whole network is class a, 10.0.x.x. and  I was going to assign to switch A and to switch B, while I know this should work fine for the ISCSI traffic on the machines running on the ESX server I know my boss wants to put some physical servers on the ISCSI storage also, how can I allow this but block all the other 10.x.x.x traffic?





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          wobbly1 Expert

          you are right to keep the iscsi network isolated from your normal lan. I would suggest insisting that any physical server that will have iscsi storage presented has a minimum of 2 physical network ports and ideally these be on seperate network cards, connect and give on an ip address on the normal lan and one (or more) specifically for iscsi traffic on your 192.x lan

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            I assumed this wouldn't work with two nics on different networks with two different gateways.  I know winblows complains when you try to specify two gateways.

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              christianZ Virtuoso

              This works and additionally I wouldn't configure any gateway for 192.xxx on your server.

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                acr Virtuoso

                For your Physicals you would indeed use two NIC's. One for LAN and One for iSCSI..


                For the Equallogics you have options..


                Either allow ESX to pick up the iSCSI Array then simply place the .vmdk inside the array..(just need vSwitch with VMkernal and second COS)


                Or, use second NICs for your VMs and do similar to the physicals with an iSCSI initaitor, sightly more load on the ESX this way. Your vSwitches would need creating corectly.. by this i mean you need an iSCSI vSwitch, that must include VMkernal, Second COS and VM's..