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    Citrix Desktop Server

    mreferre Virtuoso

      For those of you that missed this:




      If I remember well my early discussion with Citrix this was supposed to be an interim solution between the current CPS + free add-on CDB and the final Citrix target which is a "non-proxy" connection broker with ICA on the XP vm etc etc.


      I guess that the main benefits of this Citrix Desktop Server Vs the current CPS + Citrix Desktop Broker is $$$$$. Currently you need to buy a full Citrix P.S. license to use the Desktop Broker piece ...... with the Desktop Server (hopefully) the price will be lower as it is a "dedicated" infrastructure that is only able to broker desktop (basically a streamlined CPS + CDB).


      Let's see what turns out .......



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          davlloyd Expert

          I looked at there Broker offering a few months back that they provided us. Looking at the right up and trying to read between the lines to ascertain if this is the same product, just bundled in one suite instead of being a bolt on.

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            mreferre Virtuoso

            That is it I guess.


            Same features at a lower cost (which doesn't hurt) although I usually say that if you claim to be lower than the current 400€ ......(more or less) I am curious to see if it's 399 or 69 ......... they are both below 400 but .....