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    Resolved - EMC, symmetrix, luns not visible.

    williambishop Master

      Thought I would post this as it took up a couple days of our lives and apparently my search skills are not sufficient...and my common sense must be a bit low as well.



      Story: Let's mesh our brocade to brocade mesh including bladecenters with a new mesh, housing a dmx3000 and dual cisco 9509's. Brocade built in unit to brocade 3850's, to cisco 9509 to emc.


      Two days of fighting with the fabric, all brocades can see the interop mode 3 enabled cisco's zoning, but none of the blades can see the new luns presented to them, even though it appears that blade 1 is logged into the hba's on the symmetrix.


      Finally, emc comes back(thanks steve) with a solution....and an obvious one. Reboot the blades! I've not had to do it in the past, we present new luns to the blades and then simply have to add them. Apparently, this is not the case.


      Luckily, we'd had a blade fail just the night before(voltage planar fault) and lo and behold, it see's it as I'm getting ready to argue with the emc guy. So, long story short, sometimes it's the easy things, and as an added bonus, the machines migrated gracefully off of blade 3 and no one ever even knew it had happened.