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    Dmotion migration from ESX 2.5.4 to ESX 3.0.1 Operation Timed Out

    dougjef Enthusiast

      I'm trying to use the upgrade feature to move a couple vm's from my ESX 2.5.4 server to a new ESX 3.0.1 server. It gets to 1% Relocate Virtual Machine storage and then gives a popup "Operation Timed Out" after about 2 minutes. Nothing seems to have transferred. Any ideas? Both hosts of course have 1gb Vmotion nics with vmotion enabled, and I verified each host can ping the other host successfully. Anything else I can check?


      Both hosts are zoned to see the ESX 2.5.4 LUN and the only error during the verification stage is that the VM configuration may be modified to preserve the cpu feature requirements for the guest OS.


      Any ideas? Thanks much!