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    DRS separateVMs rule bug

    jasonboche Champion



      When creating a DRS separate rule with 2 VMs, the rule works and remains enabled.


      When creating a DRS separate rule with 3 or more VMs, the rule does not work and immediately becomes disabled (the checkmark disappears).


      Seems incredibly inefficient to have to create separate rules for pairs of two servers, when I should be able to create 1 rule with several servers populated in the one rule.  If I have 3 servers to keep separate, I have to create 3 rules. If I have 6 servers to keep separated, I have to create many more rules.  We should only have to create one rule and let ESX do the legwork.


      If DRS rules were designed to only allow 2 VMs at a time, then why does the rule generating tool allow me to add more than 2 VMs to the rule (and then the rule just disables itself)?


      One thing to keep in mind if this is fixed is that for the number of VMs you are going to have in a single 'separate' rule, you must have that many ESX hosts in the licensed DRS cluster.


      I have not checked to see if this same problem exists in a "keep VMs together" rule.