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    Strange behavior--please help. ESX 3.0.1, bladecenter, San

    williambishop Master

      So, I have an ESX 3.0.1 setup, Blades(and growing). They are hooked in through a pair of brocade IBM san switches to a DS4800. Network is to a 6509, with 4X1 gig connections. Most days performance is good, if not great. Sometimes however, a usually 6 minute template deploy times out, at 6 minutes it's still at 1%. VM's are super slow to reboot, while other times they are blazing fast. I really need to get a handle on this and why performance is behaving thusly.  DRS and HA are both on,  not overly aggressive. CPU utilization is low, memory usage is around 50%.


      Any ideas? I'm hurting here, and could use some help.