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    physical switch config

    biekee Expert

      Migration of vswitches from 2.5 to 3.0, other Pswitch config?


      Situation: 3 x346 IBM servers with 3 pNics 1gb/s per server. ESX 2.5.3 is running fine.


      Setup: 1 pNic for SC, 2 teamed for vm and vmotion.

      PSwitch is a HP Procurve 5308xl, 2 nics teamed for vswitch. 2 important entries for those two ports on Pswitch:

      \- trunk G1-G2 Trk2 Trunk

      \- spanning-tree Trk2 priority 4

      Trk2 added to all necessary Vlans in the Pswitch config.


      Networking in 2.5.3 works fine with 10 different VLANS, all setup with different Portgroups in the vSwitch


      Now I upgraded one of the 2.5 servers to 3.0 and there the challenge began: strange network behavior. I threw away all except SC and recreated from scratch the vswitch with the two PNics and added Vlans to them.


      I ended up deleting the trunk ports on the Pswitch and manually added both Pswitch ports to all VLANs.


      Now all networking with all Vlans works fine on ESX 3.0.


      My question is: why is it in ESX 3.0 completely different? Do I overlook something with that it would work with trunk config?



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          acr Virtuoso

          This may help explain the VLans etc in ESX 3..




          hope it helps..

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            biekee Expert

            Thanks for your suggestion acr, I know this document.

            I still can't find any arguments for the fact that the trunk switch-config works with 2.5.3, but doesn't work with 3.0.1.



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              debelvi Novice

              Hi Biekee.


              I think that I have exactly the same issue that you had. I have migrated one of our ESX from 2.5.4 to 3.0.1 and now the VMs have very estrange behavior.

              I have one Vswitch with 2 nics teamed that are connected to a physical switch with the same trunk configuration on every port, but when I go to  "Vswitch Properties"-> "Network Adapters", in the "Networks" column appears different IP ranges for every VLAN defined. And, what is worse, every time you go to this column the information is different !!.


              I'm not a Network Admin so I don't understand quite well the physical switch configuration so, could you please explain me what were the steps you take to repair your physical switch?


              Thanks in advance.

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                biekee Expert

                Hi Debelvi,


                The way I solved it, was by untrunking the switch ports and adding the ports seperately to all the VLANs.


                Now it works as it should.


                By the way, I would not fix too much on what you see in the VI client, when you point your mouse to the Networks.

                That is more an indication of some of the VLANs, not a detailed description of all of them. Something like: best effort.


                Hope this all helps,