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    VC 2.0.1 issue - cannot attach existing virtual disk to VM

    Adam Chalmers Lurker


      Upgraded VirtualCenter 1.3.1 to Virtual Center 2.0.1 over the weekend on a Windows 2003 server.


      The ESX hosts are running version 2.5.2

      SAN volumes are VMFS Version 2.11

      We have 10 ESX hosts in our environment and the following happens on all of them even after I reinstalled Virtual Center Server 2.0.1 and the VI Client (just for good measure).


      1. Right click powered off VM and select Edit Settings

      2. Click the Add button in Virtual Machine Properties

      3. Select Hard Disk and Click Next

      4. Choose radial button labeled "Use an existing virtual disk" and click Next

      5. Click Browse button and a list of my SAN volumes comes up in the Browse Datastores screen

      6. Double click san_0


      I expect to see all the .vmdk files on the SAN volume, but nothing happens and I have to open up task manager and kill the VI Client. Does anyone know why this is happening.  I can do this in the MUI, but it's much more convenient doing it in the VI Client.  Thanks in advance.