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    Path missing on one hba

    Jae Ellers Master

      Just updated an existing ESX 3.0.1 server to add 2x HP FCA2214, aka QLA2340 single channel, 2 Gb cards.


      I'm already running 3 other servers against 4 luns on an EVA 8000.


      After the san admin zoned the system in, everything was fine.  4 luns, 4 paths on the SAN, 2 HBA, so 8 paths per lun, 4 on each hba.


      Then the fun started.  After flipping back and forth among servers comparing configurations, I noticed there were no luns showing up on vmhba1.  I refreshed, then rescanned a few times.  The luns showed back up, but with only 3 paths to the san on vmhba1.  There are still 4 paths on vmhba2.


      Any ideas?  Here are the outputs of esxcfg-mpath -l for this system and another system to compare. 


      Broken (7 paths):

      Disk vmhba2:0:1 /dev/sda (409600MB) has 7 paths and policy of Fixed

      FC 10:1.0 210000e08b8e9597<->50001fe15006b238 vmhba2:0:1 On active preferred

      FC 10:1.0 210000e08b8e9597<->50001fe15006b23a vmhba2:1:1 On

      FC 10:1.0 210000e08b8e9597<->50001fe15006b23c vmhba2:2:1 On

      FC 10:1.0 210000e08b8e9597<->50001fe15006b23e vmhba2:3:1 On

      FC 6:1.0 210000e08b8ec197<->50001fe15006b23b vmhba1:0:1 On

      FC 6:1.0 210000e08b8ec197<->50001fe15006b23d vmhba1:1:1 On

      FC 6:1.0 210000e08b8ec197<->50001fe15006b23f vmhba1:2:1 On


      OK (8 paths) this system has single dual-port card


      Disk vmhba2:0:3 /dev/sde (30720MB) has 8 paths and policy of Fixed

      FC 2:1.0 210000e08b8b9eaa<->50001fe15006b238 vmhba2:0:3 On active preferred

      FC 2:1.0 210000e08b8b9eaa<->50001fe15006b23a vmhba2:1:3 On

      FC 2:1.0 210000e08b8b9eaa<->50001fe15006b23c vmhba2:2:3 On

      FC 2:1.0 210000e08b8b9eaa<->50001fe15006b23e vmhba2:3:3 On

      FC 2:1.1 210100e08bab9eaa<->50001fe15006b239 vmhba1:0:3 On

      FC 2:1.1 210100e08bab9eaa<->50001fe15006b23b vmhba1:1:3 On

      FC 2:1.1 210100e08bab9eaa<->50001fe15006b23d vmhba1:2:3 On

      FC 2:1.1 210100e08bab9eaa<->50001fe15006b23f vmhba1:3:3 On


      Any ideas? 


      Also, on this system, doing a rescan from the command line yield different results on different nics:

      \[root@tekvm1 log]# esxcfg-rescan vmhba1

      Rescanning vmhba1...done.

      On scsi0, removing:.

      On scsi0, adding:.

      \[root@tekvm1 log]# esxcfg-rescan vmhba2

      Rescanning vmhba2...done.

      On scsi1, removing: 0:0 0:1 0:2 0:3 0:4.

      On scsi1, adding: 0:0 0:1 0:2 0:3 0:4.

      \[root@tekvm1 log]#