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    100% Host CPU usage

    TonioRoffo Hot Shot

      Weird problem:


      2 identical hosts, HP DL360 G4's with dual CPU and 6GB RAM, vmware 1.0.0 running on Ubuntu Dapper 2.5.16-26-server kernels...


      host 1 running a win 2003 guest, and an xp guest - host cpu usage ( with top) never above 25%


      host 2 running a single XP guest (2GB RAM, single CPU) - host CPU is at a constant 100% - mind you, performance is ok, nothing sluggish, linux "feels" fine.


      The guest reports CPU usage around 5%, but has a rather large swap - perfmon however, hardly notices any active swapping going on.


      The guest is running 3 heavy SAP related Java applications (2 instances of SAP business connector, and a cyclone communication tool)


      Why is my host maxing out on CPU, while the guest is mostly idle?  Or is TOP a bad tool for CPU usage monitoring?