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        Anders Expert
        Vladislav wrote:

        Hey guys,



        • The CPU supports EM64T, but it does not have VT





        As mentioned countless times here: you need VT support in the CPU and enabled in BIOS.



        - Anders



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          TDighton73 Lurker

          Hi there. I have a similar setup with one problem..


          Environment description


          The h/w has a duo E6750 with VT enabled. There is a local install of WS (6.0.0 build-45731), that has 3 VMs ( 2 esx (ver 3.0.1) & 1 W2K3 server (where VI3 resides)). The initial WS install & creation of the ESX servers were based on the xtravirt article. The W2K3 server I just created & was fine. They are using host entries & are on the own vlan, and work great, no problem. Not sluggish either.


          Using VI3 on the W2K3 server above, I created a VM on/in one of the ESX servers (just a test W2K3 svr). When I attempt to start this VM that resides in/on the ESX server, I got the "cannot start VM in a VM" message. Thought it was the below settings were missing so added them (Ie.consoled onto the ESX, cd'd to /vmfs/volumes/storage2/2K3SR01 and changed the .vmx).



          monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = TRUE

          monitor_control.vt32 = TRUE


          Same error message (tried rebooting ESX & VI3 Svr incase). Then noticed that there was a reference in this forum, to altering the virtualHW.version from 4 to 6. This (post another reboot of ESX) altered the error message to say something about unsupported version... So I set the version back to 4, rebooted ESX & I'm back to the "cannot start VM in a VM" message.


          So I was wondering how did you get the VM created on/in the ESX server to start? (i.e. without "cannot start VM in a VM" message). Are there more settings I need to add to the .vms of this VM? or do I need to create it in a certain way? Do I need to alter anything else? (Of the posted .vmx files I have seen, they look to be for getting the ESX working, and not a VM in/on the working ESX, if that makes sense)


          Any help appreciated. Thanks again to DaveP for help.


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            DaveP Master


            Maybe post the VMX files here for all to see. We may see something obvious. Use the "code" tag so that the vmx text is readable on the forum. Also the logs from the W3K ESX guest if accesible may be useful. I assume you can create and start a 64-bit guest on your host. Sometime there have been issues with VT remaning enabled due to BIOS bugs.






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              DaveP Master


              Some new information on running ESX in Server 2 beta http://communities.vmware.com/thread/112626. Suggest anyone using VMware Server 2 beta for this reads it. Also documents  new VMX parameter:



              "However, on AMD Greyhound CPUs, you can run ESX as a guest, using the configuration option: monitor.virtual_mmu = hardware"









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                TDighton73 Lurker

                Hi folks.


                Dave thanks for the suggestion. I have big time egg on my face. :). Since my ESX servers have booted from the start and worked fine, I had assumed (Idiot Terry, never assume ) that the .vms files were fine. I just got the files ready for comparison & the ESXs had a typo... All this time I had assumed that the 2 mentioned monitor_control values were working as the ESX server started within WS. Not that these settings allowed the starting of VMs on ESX. My typo on the was restrictED_backdoor = TRUE. Altered this on the two ESX .vmx files and it is all good.


                Many thanks for the help. Now to work on the VMotion..

                Best Regards,


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                  DaveP Master


                  We've all done it! I worked in S/370 & S/390 systems programming years ago. We had the MAUD debugger to track these things down. It was a cardboard cutout figure from some store. You put the figure behind your seat and then proceeded to explain what you were doing and why. 9 times out of 10, you would find the problem just by talkniig it through to yourself.






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                    rod955i Novice

                    I had the fallback mode console problem - after comparing working vmx files from this site with mine I made the following changes to my vmx file and the problem seems to have gone away.


                    isolation.tools.hgfs.disable = "FALSE"

                    isolation.tools.getPtrLocation.disable = "FALSE"

                    isolation.tools.setPtrLocation.disable = "FALSE"


                    tools.upgrade.policy = "manual"


                    tools.remindInstall = "FALSE"

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                      jharris Novice


                      Does anyone know why you can't run an ESX VM hosted on ESX, but can do the same on Workstation 6?



                      I was able to install ESX 3.5 just fine on an ESX 3.0.2 server using the great instructions in this thread (Dell PE2950, 2xIntel E5345's). But I can't get the networking to work.  (.vmx is set to use E1000 NIC's....).  I've used esxcfg-nics -l to confirm the nic is active, and esxcfg-vswitch -l/-U/-L to ensure the nics are bound to vSwitch0.  I can't ping the default gateway....



                      This same install runs like a champ inside VMware Workstation 6 however.  But I'd like to run it inside ESX where I've got access to much more memory and CPU resources that the system I've got Workstation 6 installed on.



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                        Make sure L2SecPolicy is set to 0 (this allows the ESX VM's NICs to operate in promiscuous mode):


                        vsish -e set /net/portCfgs/portgroup/l2secPolicy/options 0

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                          stevejoyce Novice


                          Several weeks ago, I asked a basic question, which was quickly and correctly

                          answered. Since then, I get multiple daily emails (like yours) containing

                          detailed programmer type information that I do not want to receive (and

                          don't understand anyway). Can you tell my how I can unsubscribe from these

                          daily emails? On the various communities sites, I cannot find any link to

                          unsubscribe. Thanks.



                          = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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                            Hoekie Novice

                            Then again sometimes it's just allready enabled. In my HP Proliant ML115 it just is allready enabled and cannot be disabled. On my new AM2+ mobo in BIOS it can be enabled or disabled (SVM). Best way to me is to run XenServer 4 setup. That WILL tell you if AMD-V or Intel VT is enabled ;). To check the CPU up front is easy with CrystalCPUID. It gives al the CPU flags.



                            FYI FWIW Just installed ESX3.5 in WS6. With ESX3.5 it does the same magic hardware virtualization thing in WS6 like with ESX 3.0.2.

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                              CiscoKid Hot Shot


                              Does anyone have a success story of running ESX 3.5 on Workstation 6.02 and are able to run VM guests on the VM guest version of ESX?  I keep running into an issue where as soon as I startup a the VM guest on the VM guest ESX the ESX server on Workstation crashes.  Ideas?



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                                continuum Guru
                                vExpertCommunity WarriorsUser Moderators

                                Did you try AMD greyhound ?






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                                  indrajeets Enthusiast


                                  No joy boys!



                                  I successfully installed ESX3.5 on WK6; the installation was quick in 10mins, then the pain started, it took 11hrs to display the COS



                                  I was still happy untill it crashed with PSOD this afternoon after 5hrs of succussful running. Uhh its big pain for me, I had invested 16Hrs in it and could not even access via VI client :_|



                                  Never give up boys, keep trying]:)






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                                    CiscoKid Hot Shot

                                    To answer continuum's question, I am currently running it on an Intel Core 2 Duo T7800 with 4GB RAM. Are you having luck with launching nested VMs on a VM Guest version of the ESX 3.5?


                                    To indrajeets point, I am able to run 2xESX 3.5 servers, 1xOpenFiler server and 1xWindows 2003 VC/DC server on this platform. However, I am not able to launch any nested VMs on the virtualized ESX servers.