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    SunRay & VDI?

    ckboon Enthusiast



      Anybody here implemented and/or using SunRay thin clients & VDI/ESX?

      Just like to find out ur experience, what to watch out and whether it is a good match.





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          davlloyd Expert

          We looked at Sunray FS and quickly discounted it as to complex (with the tears from a Sun rep still on the flooor). As with citrix it provides a three tier model against the standard two tier of VDI (broker is only a cop not a traffice gateway).


          It was also concerning that the guest to Sun Server ratio was being touted as optimistically (quoting them not me) hitting 50:1. This results in a large number of Sun devices being introduced on top of the ESX hosts. That said the clients are a nice solution and power consumption is commendable.

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            ckboon Enthusiast

            Maybe that's why Sun is charging a lot more for their services!


            As far as thin clients go, I don't have many options to choose from. Only Wyse & SunRay. The Thin Clients are meant to replace 3 yrs & older PCs.

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              TomHowarth Guru
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              if that is your choice I would go with the Wyse,  Sun have always been fond of over complicated solutions for a simple problem.


              if I remember correctly, the SunRays do not have a local OS that cold boot from the SUNray server every time, I think it was this that discounted them



              The only real decision to make is on your broker.

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                ckboon Enthusiast

                >Sun have always been fond of over complicated solutions for a simple problem

                And to that, higher startup cost & higher maintenance.


                Anyway, I will have to go thru their proposal before we can make a decision.

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                  davlloyd Expert

                  Sun also have a third tier model, this requires a Sun device to proxy the traffic from the client to the Virtual Guest. Not so good when you look at the 50:1 client ratio projections.


                  Wyse is the way to go of the two and they have a very healthy product line detailed for the next 12 months for VDI.

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                    The middle tier of their solution actually scales very well in comparison to the consolidation of desktops in the virtual desktop tier.  The Sun Ray server can easily handle hundreds of connections on a low end x86 box.


                    They can also get very impressive numbers out of the T1000 / T2000. With those systems, though it comes down to a price performance consideration vs. the AMD systems, and if its worth adding another chip architecture to you architecture

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                      vmrichie Lurker

                      above all, in Wyse which has a OS locally running has the risk of virus. Which also calls for Maintenance. In case of Sunray all these can be done remotely.

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                        mreferre Virtuoso

                        I have no idea what software is loaded on the Sunrey but the S10 uses Wyse proprietary ThinOS which is a sort of adapted derivate of FreeBSD as far as I can say which is as little as 1.5MB .......


                        While I came to the conclusion that everything is possible on this world I have yet to see a Virus being able to put an S10 on its knees.



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                          The S10 is the closest device in terms or statelessness to the Sun Ray. The Sun Ray firmware is usually 30K or less.  At  power on, the device does a dhcp request and gets an IP Address, as well as some other vendor specific options  such as the session servers IP, logging address firmware servers etc. If the device needs a firmware upgrade it tftp loads it from the Sun Ray server. It takes 5 -10 seconds counting the device reset and is fully automated.


                          It was designed to be ultra thin and stateless with no need for managing firmware or configurations.

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                            devzero Master

                            >above all, in Wyse which has a OS locally running has the risk of virus.

                            >Which also calls for Maintenance. In case of Sunray all these can be

                            >done remotely.


                            typically you can remotely manage all thin-clients, that`s why they are cheaper in maintenance.

                            regarding malware, i don`t think there isn`t any reason to favour the one or the other. if sombody "get`s one" on a wyse (which is unlikely) , he may also get one on a sunray.

                            with sunray, it`s probably more likeley that the virus hits the sunray server, not the sunray terminal, because there is more chance to exploit some bug in an X-server than in some "dumb" (and less complex) framebuffer vnc-a`like sunray client.