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    My opinion regarding Fusion

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      The Fusion beta is really impressive. Apart from some initial difficulties involving mouse focus, due in my case to the Keyspan RF remote for Front Row, the only shortcoming I've found at this early stage is its inability to make my 64-bit Vista sound. I tried installing the 64-bit sound driver available for vmware Workstation, but that seems to be only for XP. Vista doesn't know how to install it.


      As for the near future, I was wondering if the Fusion developers might comment on these features:

      1. Making features such as the iSight work on the guest side.

      2. Using a real partition (for instance, Boot Camp), with no side effects (like the need of repeated reactivation if alternating Boot Camp and Fusion booting, and, if possible at all, with snapshots.

      3. 3D acceleration


      Thanks for a very promising product.

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          rcardona2k Champion

          I'm not a VMware developer, but

          1. works if you install Apple's Boot Camp drivers in the guest and connect the iSight USB device to the VM.

          2. Has been commented on extensively in other threads.

          3. 3D acceleration is currently experimental for other VMware products; I would not be surprised to see it come to Fusion at some point.