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    New HP System Insight Manager agents (v7.7.0) for VMware

    Ken.Cline Champion

      I don't typically like to make this type of post here - it's largely promotional - but since so many of you have been having issues with the Insight Manager agents, I wanted to make sure that the word got out as widely as possible.


      A new version of agents will be posted to hp.com this week. The following indicates what was fixed. One thing to be aware of – ESX 2.5.x and ESX 3.x will have separate agents as of this release and going forward[/b].


      \- The Insight Manager agents bundle for VMware is now released in two separate packages: one for ESX 2.5.x and one ESX 3.0.x


      \- Added support for new hardware including ProLiant servers with Quad Core Intel Xeon processors, new network adapters like NC364T and NC110Tn, etc.


      \- Added browser support in System Management Homepage to include Internet Explorer 7.0


      \- Fixed an issue wherein the storage agents consumed excessive CPU time, potentially resulting in server reboots (ASRs). The CCISS device nodes are now kept open by default on all servers to workaround this issue


      \- Fixed an issue wherein excessive SNMP log messages were being recorded into /var/log/messages


      \- The manual pages for the HPASM agents have been updated


      \- Fixed an issue wherein the help pages for the NIC agents were not being displayed in the System Management Homepage


      \- Error messages written to /opt/compaq/cma.log reading "[i]modprobe: Can't locate module mptctl Can not open /dev/mptctl, errno = 19[/i]" have been fixed


      \- Fixed an issue wherein the HP Management Agents initiated a system shutdown immediately after a critical event or hardware failure, on IPMI supported servers running VMware ESX Server 2.5.4.


      \- The status for DVD/CD devices is now updated properly under the Storage link in System Management Homepage


      \- The help pages for Rack Asset, Server Enclosure and Power Enclosure are now displayed properly when launched from the System Management Homepage


      Along with the above enhancements and fixes, we will also be including the README file for the NIC agents in the agents bundle.


      As a side note, there is a new ROM to be released this week for the DL585 G2 that will fix a few issues also. Please watch for that release on hp.com.




      I've marked this as a question - the first three people who install and test the new agents and report their findings back here will be awarded points

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