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    Parallel migration from V to T

    Jeffery Hawks Enthusiast

      Hi. We are in a cross-vCenter deployment so we plan on moving from V to T but simply running a new T infrastructure in parallel. We plan on actually just building brand new VCSA linked modes with v7 and new NSX-T on there, and we have powershell scripts that will powerOFF on current VCSA infrastructure VM, unregister, and re-register new VCSA, etc etc. We have done this before it works well for us as we do major upgrades in new sites.


      We are trying to figure out how though bridge the V and T so that we can run the same logical subnets on both as we migrate. Unfortuneately our V is running OSPF, so L2 bridging will not work it seems.


      I am not really the network expert on our install, but I am just trying to gather some resources for everyone to give us some ideas.



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          Lalegre Expert

          Hello Jeffrey,


          Maybe one approach that you can try is use some replication tool for the VMs and prepare the NSX-T platform with all the necessary construction and the BGP disabled. After you do the first replication you can trigger the switch to the new platform.


          Of course this will involve stopping the redistribution from the NSX-V platform or at least using prefix for limiting that subnet and disconnect the DLR or Edge interface for enabling it in the Tier1 or Tier0. This method however involves a downtime and a maintenance windows but you can easily prepare this environment with some tests networks to try all the procedure.


          Also I was thiking that maybe you can configure a L2VPN between NSX-V and NSX-T as they allow VXLAN to VXLAN but I am not sure this is supported as NSX-T uses Geneve for the Overlay protocol.

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            Jeffery Hawks Enthusiast

            Hi. Thank you very much. I am going to bring this up, this in an option we will discuss I am sure. Thanks,,,