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    vROPs for Horizon - Application usage metrics??

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      Hi all,


      I have been asked if I can save the metrics about application usage in vROPs for Horizon.


      However I have a doubt as they have a combination of RDSH published apps and also locally installed (in the template/parent VM) apps.


      I believe that vROPs for Horizon will only monitor app usage (logon time, session duration etc) when the apps are RDSH or AppVolumes published.

      That is, if an app is installed directly on a template machine, vROPs for Horizon will not know when that app is opened, closed etc.


      The problem here (that I have been told) is that some particular apps require installation directly on the template machines i.e. they cannot be published by RDSH or AppVol.


      Can anyone confirm if what I understand is correct or give me a heads-up on where I can find more info please?


      When I get access to the environment I will try to see if those apps really can only be installed that way or not but for now I just want to confirm if I understand correctly above so I am ready.


      Thanks in advance