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    Synology ABB failed to connect to vSphere 6 Essentials over WAN

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      we have a customer who has vSphere 6 in version 6.7.0 (Build 8169922) and we want to backup one VM running on it.

      We are using Synology Active Backup for Business 2.1.1-1125.

      I have successfully added our Free ESXi on the same LAN, where is located our NAS device.

      Unfortunately, I can not add the customer´s ESXi 6 essentials. I have read the requirements and limitations and the necessary ports are opened on the ESXi as well as the port forwarding on the customer´s router (MikroTik).

      When I am trying to add this hypervisor, every time I get an error: Failed to connect to the host [public ip]. Please check the server address, account settings, and your network settings.

      I am trying to connect with the root user, so the rights should be fine.

      I can also see, that packets are hitting the NAT firewall rule. (PublicIP:44443 -> LocalIP:443; PublicIP:902 -> LocalIP:902)

      So I think, that the problem is on the host itself, but I don´t know, where to find the problem.


      Could you help me somehow?

      Thank you!