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    Upgrade 6.0 to 6.5, various incompatibilities

    bhamill Lurker

      Present versions:  ESXi is 6.0 U3 (build 7967664); vCenter is 6.0 Update 1b (build 3339083); SRM is  Obviously, I need to update, but I'm confused by something on the product interoperability matrix.  It looks like there is a big break at SRM 6.1.2 and vCenter 6.0 U3 - basically, that vCenter 6.0U3 doesn't support any SRM less than 6.1.2, but 6.0U2 doesn't support anything greater than SRM 6.1.1, and vCenter 6.5 needs SRM 6.5 - there would appear to be no way to step up though the upgrades.


      So, is the upgrade path as follows?

      - Upgrade vCenter to 6.5 and just accept that SRM will stop working?

      - then upgrade ESXi to 6.5, and keep praying you won't need to use SRM?

      - finally, upgrade SRM to at least 6.5, hoping that the upgrade works?


      Am I missing something?