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    Does an VMFS 6 (Auto UNMAP) require SDELETE to work?

    MICDROP Novice

      Hi, all.


      I have a question while studying about Reclaim.


      I understand that erasing data from a VM will only delete index files and not delete data from storage blocks.

      So, in fact, to reduce the size of the vmdk file, we saw that after sdelete on Windows, you would need to use vmkfstool to perform UNMAP on ESXi.


      1. Do I have to do UNMAP on the storage side after this? (Because data is actually stacked on storage blocks.)

      2. Does the vSphere 6.5 (VMFS6) support Auto UNMAP, which means that Windows does not need to perform sdelete?


      Thank you in advance for your advice.