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    WebEx Meetings and Productivity Tools Settings

    itschad2 Lurker

      I searched and do not find where anyone was successful with this. I am in the middle of trying to capture the WebEx Meetings App without the productivity tools to see if it is just the productivity tools that cause the problem.

      I have looked at existing configs people have posted. I have used the profiler, I have stared at procmon until my head hurts on multiple days. I do not see any access denied or any issue that points to something not working but on every restart, the user has to login to WebEx.

      Does anyone have it successfully working in their environment?

      Here is my current non working config I borrowed from this elsewhere in the forum:


      HKCU\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Cisco Webex Meetings Virtual Desktop

      HKCU\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Cisco Webex Meetings














      <LocalAppData>\Cisco\Unified Communications\WebexMeetings\CSF\Logs