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    Microsoft Teams installed in an App Package on AppVolumes 4.1 (2006)

    bwong32 Lurker

      We've successfully been using MS Teams on an appstack with 2.18.x without too many issues, but we are running into weird issues with the same setup using AppVolumes 4.x.


      We have the Teams installer stored with our Office365 package and everything related to office365 seem to work, but Teams doesn't load.   It seems to missing the c:\programdata\%username% folder where Teams is installed from.


      IF we chose to install it with the ALLUSER=1 ALLUSERS=1 switches, it seems to want to validate the Horizon or Citrix Agents are also installed.  Our app stack builders historically do not have the horizon agents installed.  I'm willing to try this, but do not know if there are adverse affects with the agent installed when we build the packages.



      Does anyone have any concrete ways to install Teams successfully with appvolumes?

      We do have a use case where we do _not_ want it on the golden image because we have exempt staff that do not use Teams or an Office365 license.