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    New to VMware from UnRaid

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      I am trying to assess the potential of moving from unraid to a VMware virtual machine.



      I have a 10 core Xeon that I currently have an unraid server on. It hosts two windows 10 vms.



      I use ine vm for live stream. The other vm is used for running a lighting board.


      The problem is that I have been having intermittent freezes.


      This will not work for live stream.


      i am considering loading windows on the machine natively for live stream and running a VMware machine for the light board.


      The sticky part is hat both virtual machines need to be functional at the same time. Live mouse - keyboard - monitor - usb.



      I see that VMware can pass through pci devices.
      can I pass through a video card and a pci usb card and run that VM as an autonomous machine, with a dedicated  monitor ?


      pardon the complicated noob question