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    Site Recovery Manager across ESXI Versions

    JPA_CDE Novice

      Hi guys, please lend me a hand. This is my sad history


      I have two sites, Production and Remote.


      Each site have esxi hosts (6.0), one vcenter per site (6.0), one site recovery manager per site (8.2.0).


      Production hosts are dell M620, with VMware 6.5 support.

      Remote hosts are dell m610, with VMware 6.0 support (not supported for Vware 6.0).




      Can i upgrade Production esxi hosts to VMware 6.5 and Production VCenter to Vmware 6,5, but keep Remote hosts in VMware 6.0 and Remote VCenter in 6.0?


      I want to keep Site Recovery Manager funcionality but i need upgrade Production esxi hosts because security issues.



      Thank guys