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    ESXi 6.7:

    tafkap Lurker

      Hi all,


      Recently i installed ESXi on my Dell PowerEdge R920, 4x Xeon 4880 v2 (2.5Ghz), 512GB RAM DDR3, RAID0 of 4x SAS HDD 10k.


      I created a new VM for openSUSE Tumbleweed with 2 CPUs, 16GB RAM and 10GB HDD. Installation ok.


      But in use it's very slow, the system is not responsive at all, sometimes I have to wait a few seconds to perform an action.


      I missed something or what? Do I need to install drivers maybe?


      Thank you for any help.

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          bluefirestorm Virtuoso

          It looks the R920 is qualified only up to ESXi 6.5U3




          The E7-4880 v2 is an Ivy Bridge CPU and therefore does not have the INVPCID instruction (comes with Haswell and newer). A modern OS with Meltdown patch without the INVPCID instruction that is I/O bound (network or disk or both) such as during an update after a fresh install of guest OS, will likely experience many VM-EXITs (VM handing control back to hypervisor and then back) and thus appear slow/sluggish.


          10GB for VM virtual disk seems rather small. It is better to allocate a bit more to have free space within the VM virtual disk and best to have it as thick-provisioned.


          The VM must be singing...


          Ain't no particular driver I'm more compatible with, spending all these extra time without much....speed