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    configuration/updateConfigurationModule ValidationError

    ChayakornTh Lurker

      I have a question about Velocloud API When I try to use api to update VCE configuration DHCP Override to Disable  

      I use edge/getEdgeConfigurationStack to get data from VCE and I configuration/updateConfigurationModule to update data  then error occured that validationError

      but when i try to update VCE that error from VCO 1 time and i use api again it's work


      Can you answer how we can do without update VCE from VCO 1 time 

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          lhoffer Expert
          VMware EmployeesvExpert

          If you're overriding what's configured in the profile, you probably just need to use the /configuration/insertConfigurationModule instead of modifying.  Each edge leverages configuration modules in the configuration profile for common settings, but then also has a device specific profile with its own configuration modules for any overrides so if you haven't already created the module you're working with, you need to create it first (which is likely what's happening when you do make a change in the VCO) and can then use the configuration/updateConfigurationModule method on it moving forward.