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    VROPS - Overload CPU for a cluster

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      I can see in vROPS that one of my cluster has the following stats:


      CPU cores = 252

      vCPU allocated = 3181

      Overload CPU = 12,62


      My customer ask me to explain this value of overload CPU but I don't really know what to say about it especialy when should I consider it becomes a warning for my cluster?

      This one is clearly in CPU contention during the day.

      I have another one that is not in CPU contention and has the following values:


      CPU cores = 48

      vCPU allocated = 192

      Overload CPU = 4


      Is is too simple to answer that above 10% overload, it is not good? I imagine that it is more complicated than that.


      Thanks for helping.



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          KabirAli82 Hot Shot

          Your looking at CPU ratio, i'm guessing pCPU:vCPU?


          Cloud providers tend to run 1:20. So if you work for a cloud provider you're all good! All kidding aside it depend on your workload. I've seen end users face issues with a ratio of 1:2 while the cluster hosts large and heavy IO database VMs. But if you run simple web servers that number can go up much higher. The higher the ratio the higher the chance that end users will face contention.


          Check the "what-if analysis" if you can add extra hardware. Or you could check CPU reservations or maybe migrate VMs to another cluster.