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    NSX-V - Select ssl certificate

    btsoh Novice



      Is it possible to select a certificate using application rules?


      I use acl to select the right backend and it works fine but i got 3 environnements (DEV1, DEV2, DEV3) that use the same interface.

      And then, in my case, DEV2 use the certificate used for DEV1


      This is what i have in my application rules :


      #Define ACL Host

      acl dev1_host hdr_beg(host) dev1-amx-oci

      acl dev2_host hdr_beg(host) dev2-amx-oci



      #Define ACL uri

      acl oci_url  url_beg /oci

      acl da_url url_beg /da

      acl bps_url url_beg /bps


      #Made condition with URI

      use_backend OR-DEV1-OCI if oci_url dev1_host

      use_backend OR-DEV1-DA if da_url dev1_host


      #Send to the right backend

      use_backend OR-DEV2-OCI if oci_url dev2_host

      use_backend OR-DEV2-DA if da_url dev2_host


      It works for DEV1. For DEV2, all seems to be ok but not certificate.

      When i'm on dev2-amx-oci it select the certificate for DEV1


      Is there a way to select the right application profile?


      Thank you,