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    Cloned VM that's running MS SQL - New DB's created on clone are added to the source vm?

    McShady Lurker

      I have very limited experience with VMware. We're running VMw ESXi 6.5.0 - VCenter 6.5 - vSphere 6.5.0

      Source VM is running Win2019 and MS SQL 2019.


      I right click on the running server "Server1"  and choose Clone - Clone to a VM - from the drop down list. The wizard starts. I step through the wizard, I don't choose to use any customization, other than changing the name, "Server2". I use DHCP.


      I created three new databases on Server2. They have no data in them at this point. (I'm planning on backing up three db's running on server3 Win2012 and MS SQL 2012 and restoring them to server2.) These db's were also created on the source VM Server1. I delete them from Server1, they are also deleted from the clone Server2.


      Would someone explain how this could happen?  If you need additional information please let me know.


      I've read the documentation in the links listed below.  Based on this information, I believe I have a full clone and not a linked clone.

      A full clone is a separate and independent VM that you can modify and not impact the source VM.




      Clone an Existing Virtual Machine in the vSphere Web Client

      Deploying Virtual Machines

      Clone a Virtual Machine

      Types of Clone: Full and Linked

      Clone an Existing Virtual Machine